Electric Automotive

We produce precision components for electric and hybrid vehicles from 3 materials.


We manufacture precision components using extruded aluminum profiles. This material offers weight savings (increased energy efficiency), mechanical strength (through T4 or T6 heat treatment), durability, and recyclability.

The aluminum we use can be made up of 75% recycled material, reducing its carbon footprint.

Our production is carried out on rotary transfer machines with automatic aluminum profile loading, or on robotized machining centers.

  • Aluminum alloys : EN AW 2017, 5083, 6060, 6061, 6082
  • Heat treatment to improve mechanical properties: quenching – aging for T4 or T6 state, stabilization.
  • Surface treatment: anodizing, metallization to improve the reflectance coefficient

Applications of machined components out of aluminium profiles for electrical vehicles

Optical reflector

We have 3 patents for the production of reflectors for lighting systems with a coefficient of reflectance >85% for the diffusion of LED light.

Batterie pack

Les profilés aluminium peuvent être utilisés pour fabriquer des cadres légers mais robustes pour la structure et les éléments d’assemblage des pack batteries.

Steering systems

Components related to steering, such as brackets or reinforcements, can be made of aluminum to design lighter systems


Some chassis components, such as cross members or reinforcements, can be made from machined aluminum profiles to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Anti-vibration components

Some structural or reinforcing elements can be made from machined aluminum, such as anti-vibration components and control arms

Components for braking systems

Machined from high-precision aluminum profiles with a high cleanliness standard for fluid flow:

Transmission components

Certain parts of the transmission, such as housings or brackets, can be made from aluminum profiles.

Cooling systems

Aluminum profiles can be used in the manufacture of radiators or other cooling system components to ensure effective thermal dissipation.

Systèmes de Direction

Des composants liés à la direction, tels que des supports ou des renforts, peuvent être fabriqués en aluminium pour contribuer à la légèreté du système.

Composants de structure et sécurité

Réalisation de composants en aluminium toile fine pour soudure et assemblage sur châssis pour améliorer la rigidité et la sécurité.

Steel and stainless steel

We machine precision components from round or profiled bars made of steel and stainless steel to meet demanding high-volume markets.

Our production is carried out on 30 rotary transfer machines with automatic bar feeders or on 3 or 5- axesCNC lathes.

  • Steel types : 11SMn37, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4, C45, etc.
  • Stainless steel types : AISI 303, 304, 316L
  • Mechanical properties are improved through heat treatment: nitriding, quenching and tempering, and passivation for stainless steel.
Our precision components are mainly used for safety applications (anti-theft systems and steering column locks), connectors, fasteners, motion transfer (hydraulic actuators and electric motors), and vision (lighting optical blocks).

Lock bolts for steering columns, from profiles out of 11SMn37 or C45

Drive gears including tooth cutting, for electric motors of trunks

Drive gears including tooth cutting, for electric motors of trunks

Axe de moteurs électriques 48V

Arbre en 42CrMo4 +QT pour actionneurs hydrauliques

Rail de guidage usiné à partir de profilé enC45 pour batterie électrique

Composants pour actionneur hydraulique usinés à partir de profilé en C45

Composants pour actionneur hydraulique usinés à partir de profilé en C45

Rotules pour colonne de direction usinés à partir de profilé en 44CrMoS4


We manufacture precision components from copper alloys that promote electrical conductivity. These components are used for low and high voltage connections on vehicles.

  • Material types (copper or brass) : Cu, C11000 H04, TeCu, C14500
  • Surface treatments to improve conductivity such as silver plating

Applications :

Charging station connectors

High voltage vehicle connectors

High and low voltage connectivity components out of copper profile with silver plating

We combine additional operations with machining to improve the quality of our products.

Triboloby operations for deburring and polishing

We perform in-house finishing by shot peening or mass finishing for deburring, polishing, and improving surface criteria (roughness and bearing capacity).

Multi-tank, ultrasonic, detergent washing machine

The cleanliness requirements of our products are guaranteed by a multi-tank, ultrasonic, detergent washing line and a robotized, modified alcohol washing line.

Robotized, modified alcohol washing line

The cleanliness requirements of our products are guaranteed by a robotized, modified alcohol washing line.

Robotic cell for traceability through laser marking

Unit traceability is carried out using automatic laser marking machines such as QR CODE or DATAMATRIX.

Geometric compliance is ensured by three-dimensional measuring machines (CMMs) and 6 automatic inspection machines with camera, eddy current, and scanning capabilities to detect various types of damages (surface defects, tearing, cracking).

Quality control

To meet the quality requirements of our customers, we have a metrology laboratory for dimensional measurements equipped with 3 continuous contact CMMs, optical fiber reflectance measurement, and optical surface defect inspection. To ensure 100% compliance of our products, we have a fleet of 7 automatic inspection machines equipped with eddy current, vision for dimensional inspection, and scanning for surface quality. We are certified ISO 9001, TS16949 and IATF.