Machining of steel profiles is a cost-effective alternative to traditional production technologies in the hunting, sporting, and military firearms industry.

Our 45 years of expertise in machining cold drawn or or rolled steel profiles enable us to manufacture precision components for firearms such as:
  • Frame or main chassis
  • Steel machined barrel, steel grade is chosen for its strength and ability to withstand thermal constraints
  • Breech
  • Sighting components such as front and rear sight, machined in steel profiles for increased lifetime and stability.
  • « Picatinny » rail
  • 6. Trigger mechanism components such as the trigger and firing mechanism can be machined in steel profiles to ensure precise and reliable operation.
  • Chassis machined in steel profiles to provide a strong and resistant structure.
  • 8. Barrel support particularly on long guns, can be machined in steel to ensure the stability of the barrel and accuracy of fire.
  • Locking mechanism parts
  • Handguard for assault rifles or carbines.

We can machine steels such as 42CrMo4 +QT and stainless steels such as AISI 316L and X19NiCrMo4.

The continuity of material fibers and homogeneity of hot and cold formed steel profiles enable high fatigue resistance. The combination of materials and heat treatment processes used on the profiles, combined with dedicated machining methods, enable resistance of up to 1,200 MPa / 64 HRC and increased geometrical precision.

Our R&D department defines the optimal manufacturing process by developing the profile to be machined, the clamping and machining systems to ensure product quality (calculation of deformations during machining, anticipation of distortions after heat treatment, etc.).

Our available machine park :
  • 10 5-axis CNC lathes
  • 7 4-axis CNC machining centers
  • 30 rotary transfer machines specifically dedicated to steel profile machining.
Gun slide

We combine additional operations with machining to improve the quality of our products.

Triboloby operations for deburring and polishing

We perform in-house finishing by shot peening or mass finishing for deburring, polishing, and improving surface criteria (roughness and bearing capacity).

Multi-tank, ultrasonic, detergent washing machine

The cleanliness requirements of our products are guaranteed by a multi-tank, ultrasonic, detergent washing line and a robotized, modified alcohol washing line.

Robotized, modified alcohol washing line

The cleanliness requirements of our products are guaranteed by a robotized, modified alcohol washing line.

Robotic cell for traceability through laser marking

Unit traceability is carried out using automatic laser marking machines such as QR CODE or DATAMATRIX.

Geometrical compliance is ensured by 3-dimensional measuring machines (CMM) and automatic inspection machines using cameras, eddy current, and scanning to detect various defects (surface defects, cracks).

Quality control

To meet the quality requirements of our customers, we have a metrology laboratory for dimensional measurements equipped with 3 continuous contact CMMs, optical fiber reflectance measurement, and optical surface defect inspection. To ensure 100% compliance of our products, we have a fleet of 7 automatic inspection machines equipped with eddy current, vision for dimensional inspection, and scanning for surface quality. We are certified ISO 9001, TS16949 and IATF.