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Our Products

Our products are designed primarily with the automotive industry in mind, but other sectors may well be interested in our range. Furthermore, with our automated machinery, we have the experience and technical know-how to produce a variety of round or profiled rods equipped with automatic bar feeders. We are specialists in profiles, machining services for foundries and forges and for specific tasks in numerically controlled machining.

Profiled Products

Families of locking bolts for steering columns and locks. Fasteners and connecting parts of non-standard profile. Mechanical parts of standard profile: round, square, hexagonal, T-shaped….(fastening strips, car combustion chambers).Aluminium products for cylinder bodies, attachment hooks, for housing( windows, control systems…)
Sectors of activity: Automotive, aeronautic, construction sector and housing, telecommunications, mounting and industrial equipment, medical, pneumatic and hydraulic, electrical connectivity,…Technical specifications: high performance mechanical products, all materials, thermal and surface finishing available, sections up to 100 cm2, all shapes possible, high precision dimensional accuracy, high production capacity.

Machining services for foundries and forges

The products: diesel injection, automotive fastening systems, gearbox components, combustion chambers.
Areas of activity: Automotive, aeronautic, bar turning, electronics, electrical and medical.
Technical Specifications: cold heading, iron foundry, stamping, bar turning and cutting.

Specific numerically controlled machining

Innovative gear cutting process for the creation of high precision driving parts.

Machining of profiles

Using YOUR product design, our industrialisation department will develop machining processes on transfer machines making it possible to produce mechanical components machined from steel, stainless steel or aluminium profiles.


Product Quality

With a view to fine-tuning the finish of our products, we carry out all surface finishing operations within the company.
We can set up a dimensional and visual control by video to ensure your product requirements, we are equipped with 2 vision-generating machines for 100% automatic monitoring.
For greater traceability, we are equipped with DAMATRIX or QR CODE laser marking systems.

                       "Turbocharger Shaft"


Specialists in profile machining and CNC machining


Internal development of transfer machines, patented mirror polished finish


Manufacture of high precision automotive products